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  • Tessalin Green

Till Then Becomes Now

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Till Then Becomes Now was produced throughout 2020 in the midst of worldwide challenges to freedom, health and the future of the environment. These are times when our survival and happiness can be sourced from manifesting our Collective creative imagination, reminding ourselves that we are on the edge of evolutionary growth. We have the power to create a beautiful world.

Looking up from the depths of emotion I have acknowledged that I must imagine my way through the difficult passages and uncertainty. This music is a healing force for me, creating a world I can live in, experiencing joy, exhilaration and peace.

Very special thanks to the masterful team of musicians who made this production possible. Working and playing with you has been an immense honor.

I invite you, my listeners, to share your experience of my music here on this blog. I welcome just a few words, or an image, or as much as you are inspired to write.

Thank you so much for touching my world with your hearts and your comments.

Many Blessings,


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