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Tessalin Green

Detroit, LA, Boulder, Austin

A shy, towheaded little girl from a suburb of Detroit was born into a family of musicians who gifted her with classical piano and violin. The house her mom and dad built was filled with beautiful, refined music but her spirit yearned to be free. 


At age 19, her dad died, releasing her from university life, and she headed to California to explore the world anew. Free!


Her shimmering early twenties brought life-changing experiences of psychedelic mind-expansion. New ways of being and perceiving the world drew her deeper into the perennial questions, Who Am I? How could this miracle of I Be?


Daily life then was orchestrated by Jimmy Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Joni Mitchell, Chicago, The Doors.

The future was beckoning her deeper into music and the doors of consciousness were opening.

When Tessalin arrived in Austin, music became her chosen path- playing electric bass in a progressive band, writing songs, singing and eventually starting her own bands. Austin was a treasure trove of great music and influences. 

Living now amidst the grandeur of Colorado inspires  emotionally stirring and visually evocative compositions. Tessalin's music is a multi-faceted journey: dynamic, melodic, thrilling, sweet, intense, captivating.

Gratitude runs swiftly and joyfully through the landscape on its forever quest to awaken and celebrate humanity. May the spaces between the notes be filled with pregnant silence and joy.

   Zen Finger pointing


   Daydream: I am a rebel muse 

   trapped inside a multidimensional suit of conditioning. 

   the suit is programmed, activated,

   dreaming itself into being through me. 

      In a moment of lucidity I realize I am not the suit.

      I thrash about seeking the way out!

      Trapped, I howl silently for freedom!


   THEN SUDDENLY, mists roll in over the trees and the city 

   and I'm rushing outside breathing in the moist and purified air


   I am Mist dancing!

      I am Rain! 

      RAIN ? !!!


I gasp and grab the drying laundry from the line, 

 running back inside ..... wet with Reality

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