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6717 Valmont Rd. Boulder, CO 

Friday, JANUARY 24, 2020


Tessalin Green Fundraiser & Dance Party with DJ Arisen

Fundraiser for Tessalin in support of the recording of her new album at Austin's Electric Factory Studio.

She'll return to Austin in February to record the next epic composition in the line-up, Till Then Becomes Now.

Come out to the event in costume and be in the video dancing or simply show up and celebrate! 

All is Forgiven is the second recording on Tessalin Green's groundbreaking album, Till Then Becomes Now, preceded by the epic progressive rock composition, Freedom Fields.

All is Forgiven is a joy-ride on a rhodamine stream of pure elation; a feel-good instrumental composed and produced by Tessalin Green, recorded at Electric Factory Studio in Austin, TX with Jason Richard, engineer and co-producer.

Tessalin Green   Keyboards 

Jason Richard    Guitar 

Shawn Ellison   Charts Horn Arrangements

Chris Maresh     Bass

Jimmy Shortell  Trumpet & Flugelhorn 

Christian Teele  Drums 

Bruno Vinezof   Percussion 

David Coddington, Executive Producer

"All is Forgiven is fabulous! Once again you have another masterpiece. I've listened 3 times now with my whole stereo kicked up loud in my living room. I'm so impressed with how you develop your ideas into dynamic, multifaceted, progressive, intricate, works of art! The production kicks ass. When does your album come out? I want the whole collection."

-Scott Hooker,  Composer/ Guitarist


"All is Forgiven: A dive into a living river of joy and celebration!"

-Czeswava -Musician  


"Generously apply All is Forgiven every morning to reboot your juju juice."

-KnobRamen - Muse

Freedom Fields 

An epic12 minute ride

on a waterslide of sound and emotion.

Recorded at Austin's Electric Factory Studio with the brilliant 'Wizard of Emerald Forest', Jason Richard, engineer.

The hours and days rolled by with Jason at the helm, as he guided us through dazzling orange and ruby sunrises and uncharted seas of choppy wave forms. 


Tessalin Green  Nord keyboard

Jason Richard     Guitar

Gary Reece        Guitar

Chris Maresh     Bass

Joe McCreary     Drums

Jimmy Shortell     Horns

James Anderson  Violin

Bruno Vinezof  Percussion

DeepSi   Vocals

Shawn Ellison  Charts &

Violin/Horn Arrangements


Produced by Tessalin Green

Music Co-Produced by

Jason Richard and Shawn Ellison

David Coddington  Executive Producer

So much gratitude to all of you who encourage my music. You inspire me! With your support I will continue producing these compositions to the best of my ability and offer them from my heart to yours.

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