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Music for the
Imaginative Listener


Progressive, potent, emotionally stirring and uplifting...

Featuring Dave Beegle - Guitar
Robert Harold Kazenel -Drums

Chris Maresh - Bass

 Tessalin Green -Composer/Keyboards

"Wow! This music is absolutely beautiful...a sophisticated composition...Performance, recording, mix, tones, just beautiful. Really nice work. "

- Darryl Swann, Producer Macy Gray, Black Eyed Peas

"This was incredible!  Sounded like the best of everybody we all love. Pat Metheny,

Eric Johnson, Allan Holdsworth, Reminded me a bit of Genesis too for some reason."  

-Danny Masters,  Guitarist/Songwriter


Till Then Becomes Now

Dynamic, Refreshing, Inspiring. A song of Humanity Rising...

Tessalin Green - Keyboards

Jimmy Shortell - Trumpets

Chris Maresh - Bass

Robert Harold Kazenel - Drums

DeepSi - Vocals

Tessalin Green - Vocals

Shawn Ellison - Charts & Horn Arrangements

Jason Richard - Engineer

Composed and Produced by Tessalin Green

Special thanks to Pete & Cook Rogers for the crickets at Rogers Pond.

This recording was made possible through the generosity of treasured family and friends.   Love to you all! - Tessalin

Green Floating Island_edited.jpg
Till Then Becomes NowTessalin Green
00:00 / 10:37
Blue Light
Freedom FieldsTessalin Green
00:00 / 12:08

Freedom Fields 2020

An epic12 minute ride on a waterslide of sound and emotion

Recorded at Austin's Clock Right Studio with the brilliant 'Wizard of Emerald Forest', Jason Richard, engineer. The hours and days rolled by with Jason at the helm, as he guided us through dazzling orange and ruby sunrises and uncharted seas of choppy wave forms.

Tessalin Green - Keyboards

Jason Richard - Guitar

Gary Reece - Guitar

Chris Maresh - Bass

Joe McCreary - Drums

Jimmy Shortell - Horns

James Anderson - Violin

Bruno Vinezof - Percussion

DeepSi - Vocals

Shawn Ellison - Charts & Violin/Horn Arrangements

Tessalin Green - Producer

Jason Richard and Shawn Ellison - Co-Producers

David Coddington- Executive Producer

Blue Light

All is Forgiven

A joyride on a rhodamine stream of pure elation

Tessalin Green - Keyboards 

Jason Richard  - Guitar 

Shawn Ellison  - Charts & Horn Arrangements

Chris Maresh -  Bass

Jimmy Shortell - Trumpet & Flugelhorn 

Christian Teele - Drums 

Bruno Vinezof - Percussion 

DeepSi - Executive Producer

"Once again you have another masterpiece. 

I'm so impressed with how you develop your ideas into dynamic, multifaceted, progressive, intricate, works of art! The production kicks ass. When does your album come out?  I want the whole collection."

   - Scott Hooker -  Composer/Guitarist


"Generously apply All is Forgiven every morning to reboot your juju juice."

   - KnobRamen - Muse

All is ForgivenTessalin Green
00:00 / 06:07

That's Not This

   Visually and musically stunning, a compelling invitation to awaken from the dream of your mind.

"Just had my first of many listens and views of this work of art. Complex and multidimensional and of course beautiful. So proud of you and the whole team that brought this work of consciousness into the world. It's a big deal to create something out of nothing, and bring beauty into the world. You did it!"

- Ross Hostetter- Author, Keepers of the Field /Attorney, Mediator

Blue Light

L to R:  Jason Richard * Shawn Ellison * Tessalin Green

Robert Harold Kazanel * Chris Maresh * Clock Right Studio, Austin

Till Then Becomes Now basic tracks session

Deep gratitude for everyone who supports this music. Fueled by your love and encouragement I am completing this collection of songs to offer back to you. Please connect below to receive occasional updates.

Blue Light
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I welcome your comments. I’d love to hear what you imagine while listening. 

I am seeking a progressive filmmaker who can visually capture the multifaceted essence of the music and bring it to the screen.

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